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As the sole FEWD at my current startup, I use a variety of tools on a daily basis. I built both a dispatch and billing portal, both of which include the ability to manipulate data, search and assign rides. In addition, I was able to build these features out in an aesthetically pleasing way while also maintaining a user's ability to see large sets of data at once.
This was accomplished using JHipster, a Java based backend and AngularJS w/ Bootstrap frontend. Utilizing both HTML & Javascript, I used SASS and its ability to nest, use variables/mixins/placeholders and other libraries like UI Grid and date-time-picker in my daily development.
Another tool I developed was a mobile app for drivers. This was built using React Native in order to deploy for both iOS and Android users. As React Native is relatively young, I built several components natively for Android & iOS such as mapping, way-pointing and allowing for background tasks.
Previously, at Apple as a Front End Web Developer, I created visually awesome and technically challenging pages. It is an incredible feeling to know that the pages I helped create are viewed by millions of people.
When I started I had my first taste of how what I code can be used by anyone. I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP in addition to working with API's (eBay, PayPal, Amazon, ProStores). It was a startup environment where smart thinking, meeting goals and customer service were a day in the life.
At General Assembly I greatly expanded my knowledge by incorporating Ruby, Rails, jQuery, Git/GitHub (and much more) into my existing stack. It was unique to be in a truly immersive coding program where we were teachers and students, partners and leaders, thinkers and tinkerers.
Tejas Mehta
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Tejas Mehta

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